Advanced Cannabis Science Training

Advanced Cannabis Science Training is not about working in the Cannabis Industry but instead, it’s all about the Cannabis Plant. This 2.5-hour course is a deep dive into the endocannabinoids our body makes and how phyto cannabinoids can fill in when our own production decreases. We will also focus on terpenes and flavonoids to round out the entourage effect that the cannabis plant along with other plants can have when we incorporate them into our daily diet and routine. This is a great class for people already in the wellness industry who want to incorporate THC or CBD into their life. The class will focus on the biology of the cannabis plant and the biology of the human body.

Dispensary Manager Training

The Dispensary Manager class is a full outline of a day in the life of a Cannabis Dispensary Manager! This 2.5-hour class will provide an in-depth review of controlling your three biggest assets: your staff, your cash and your inventory. Are you a Dispensary Agent looking for a promotion or a manager in another retail arena or fast paced restaurant looking to change industries? Then this is the class for you.

This bundle is PERFECT for those that have already taken the Basic OR a State Specific Dispensary Agent Training Course.

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