Cannabis Training

Student Review

"I took: Basic Dispensary Training, Cannabis & Hemp Sales Training, and Advanced Cannabis Training course, they gave me confidence and built my knowledge base into a more sophisticated knowledge so that I can think and speak intelligently to make me prepared in the industry.I wanted in person classes at first but as I think about it, it's no different and it's a benefit that they are online because this means convenient opportunity. I don't want to wait a year or even a couple of months to take these classes! They are in a good rotation!"

- Zainub A.

Online Cannabis Training

Student Review

"AMAZING!!! The instructor was very honest but very heart felt. They were not afraid to be open and trusting with us. They shared their own personal stories while strengthening us a team. They were open and informative about what we needed to learn and expect. I would love to be apart of this again (: I highly recommend!"

Student Review

"A full spectrum of knowledge in all variations of the cannabis industry. Even though the class I took was on dispensary training I still gained my spot in the grow rooms and field because of this training and because of this I'm making my way up the stalk faster than any job I've ever had. This is no longer a "job", this is my CAREER! I highly recommend this course!!!" - DHC

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